Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Level I Hell-o from David

Hi everyone,

I spend half the week incommunicado as far as the net goes. But I will post something here from time to time to try to augment what I offer in the classes.

For tonight just a brief word: The golden key to learning at this point is to do just a little each day. If you are able to do a lot each day of course that would be great.

The Flash Cards are a great tool for studying in short bursts of just a few minuets. Keep then out of the box and on your table, night stand, near your computer. Then if you have the DVD, after each class, watch the section of the DVD that covers that week's lesson. It won't take long at all because the DVD condenses each lesson. The entire course is done in just five hours.

We learn easier if we're enjoying ourselves, so have fun with our studies.

All the best,

Talk to you tomorrow evening,


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