Monday, August 18, 2008


Welcome to the new group blog for the Level I Virtual course! We hope this will serve as a great forum for you to help each other study, share and compare notes or get notes from missed classes. David may also contribute, as his schedule allows. This is a fun way for you all to extend your class experience and create a virtual community together. Enjoy!

Erin Keskeny
TLI Office


Billy said...

I'm looking forward to sharing this learning experience with everyone. I was both surprised and gratified that there were so many other students participating in this course!

I suspect this will be a difficult but satisfying journey for me, but I'll do the best I can.

Good luck to everyone!


Steve Iverson said...

I'm very excited about this course. I'm a student of Khandro Rinpoche, and eventually it would be great to read texts in Tibetan, instead of always relying on the translation! I live in Milwaukee.

PerpetualStudent said...

Hello, all. Thanks, Billy, for your kind wishes. This is a different way to learn a language (on conference calls!) but I know I'll at least learn the basics. David is a good teacher, I can tell, and if I can make use of my time and practice the lessons and view the DVD, I should get a good foundation to the language. I love David's anecdotes as he teaches! I'm glad to be on board with you all. Happy learning. ~Elizabeth

mark.vanvlack said...

Hello Fellow Tibetan Language Learners!

Already week 7! There are times I feel so over whelmed, and then I have glimpses of order coming together! It is fascinating how this ever presence of Ahh permeates the language and the structure of the language relates to a perspective that exemplifies this equaniminous realization as natural as breathing.
Tibetan is my first exposure to a non-phonetic language. As I learn the basics, the concept of sound, vibration, and transformation is taking on a whole new meaning!
Does that make sense to you?
My name is Mark van vlack and I'm in Southern California (Glendale) and studying Tibetan Language to understand the Tibetan Bon Konjure for myself.